Stereomood is a free music streaming service that plays music tailored to your mood and daily activities. Much more than radio, it's a tool to create playlists for every occasion, with the ability to tag and share music with everyone you know.

Stereomood’s songs are all aggregated from the best music blogs across the net and filtered by music aficionados, so you never know when you’ll discover something unreleased and unheard!


Stereomood was born in Milan, on a cold February night of 2008.
Giovanni, drained by "Apocalyptica", a song Maurizio was endlessly blasting on his speakers, decided to provide him with an online tool to listen to, arrange and share the newest tracks from the best international music blogs.
Thanks to Eleonora’s sweet and sour peppers - able to awaken even Daniele’s brain, already "retired" from the lethal doses of HTML and CSS bugs - our minds awoke and joined forces to create the first official release.

We thought, "why don’t we create something that arranges our music according to our moods and activities?" How many times do we arise on a sleepy Sunday morning with the desire to play songs suited to our moods, on command, without wasting time looking for the right songs to put together?

We hope Stereomood is going to help you experience music in a new, exciting, and emotional way.
Music was meant to feel, and this is a platform that understands that.


We want to thank all who have supported us and stood by our side during the past few years, above all our friends who have cooperated in the Stereomood project, compulsively tagging the tracks, signaling bugs, testing the website, or just simply appreciating our project after getting that it’s just cool!

In the end a special thanks goes out to all the blogs in our list, the artists in our database, Hype Machine for the inspiration and Nohup for the excellent hosting.

Space Lovers image is powered by Caoimhe Aisling from Deviant Art.

Stereomood was financed with risk capital funding through the "FONDO POR FESR I.3 Capitale di Rischio".
FONDO POR FESR I.3 Capitale di Rischio