Daniele Novaga

Daniele graduated in Philosophy. He then became web developer and SEO for MTV and The Blog Tv, before devoted himself fulltime to Stereomood. Strongly passionate about collective intelligence and information overload, Daniele applies his interests to his passion - music. He had a slot on the radio and has released some free EPs with his postrock band.

Maurizio Pratici

Maurizio is a technologist who works to bridge the space between strategic vision, business practice, and software implementation. He has also been a senior developer to large enterprises like MTV and Nurun, but now he is a developer in the open source community. His experience with the web dates from 1999 and, from his perspective, the web is still being invented.

Claudio Gallo

Wakes up every morning searching for the perfect sound and the best new idea. Fascinated by arts, different cultures and people that work hard to do something authentic. Digital-music enthusiast, he is also running his own tiny and crazy music label.

Davide Totaro

Davide is often described by his friends as a "freak of nature". He graduated in "Sound Engineering and Design" and worked as creative technologist/coder for digital art projects. He's now focused on Music Information Retrieval research and semantic classification. Adores weird music, independent movies and comics. Dislikes sushi.

Michael Tsagaris

Micheal graduated from computer science department. His great passion for several kinds of music and his constantly desire of seeking new sounds of any genre, lead him to Stereomood where he is currently a music editor.

Giuseppe Marmina

Giuseppe graduated from the University of Milan with a Masters of Law. He is an A&R at Ghost Records and a concert promoter at Twiggy Club in Varese. He's always in love with loving music. He recently joined Stereomood as Music Editor.