These are all the blogs that we scour the web for to bring you amazing tracks. Then, we sort them by mood for your emotional enjoyment. Without their passion for music, this website wouldn't be as exciting!

  • altered zones
    An international collective of music bloggers wich aim is to highlight the proliferation of home-recorded sounds, small-scale releases and pockets of underground activity all over the world.
  • aurgasm
    Specializes in everything not under the american rock umbrella: downtempo, folk, nu jazz, chanson, scandinavian, jazz, cuban, brazilian, electro, soul, film score, and electronica.
  • awesome tapes from africa
    Music you won't easily find anywhere else—except, perhaps in its region of origin
  • bad panda records
    One free song every monday!
  • batteria ricaricabile
    It's just skin that dies, sloughs off and grows back.
  • beautiful freaks
    An italian music blog... featuring free music downloads.
  • iso50 blog
    Tycho's music blog based in san francisco
  • indie shuffle blog
    Unique playlist of indie rock, electronica, hip-hop, folk, remixes and much more
  • the kexp blog
    ...Where the music matters
  • wfmu blog
    A music blog that bites back
  • la blogotheque
    La blogotheque is a french music blog featuring music news, reviews, mp3 samples, podcasts and "concerts a emporter".
  • brooklyn vegan
    Brooklyn vegan is a NYC-centric mostly-music blog that focuses on reporting international music news, live show reviews, pictures, tour dates, gossip, tips, mp3's, videos, and just about anything else a music fan could want.
    Gute musik, gutes wort
  • chrome music
    A music blog from germany that has been around since 2004.
  • captainsdead
    A music blog featuring free mp3s and musical reviews
  • consequence of sound
    New York and Chicago based music blog that seeks to cover the music world as it has never has been covered before.
  • the cargo culte
    Weird stories and obscure sounds: “art is the central element in our conspicuous display of wealth, status and lineage among our elite class”
  • destination out
    An mp-free jazz blog focusing on rare or out-of-print music
  • disco delicious
    Amusic blog from australia featuring free mp3s
  • daytrotter
    Daytrotter bringing you free music from the finest indepenedent bands.
  • decibell tolls
    Off center music solutions.
  • discobelle
    Discobelle is a blog that focuses on free downloads of club music.
  • dub lab
    Non-profit web radio collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture.
  • ear milk
    100% daily dosage of healthy music.
  • earplugs not included
    Experience music for the enjoyment, for the pure love of it. every day holds a new soundtrack.
  • et musique pour tous
    Space age bachelor pad music.
  • feel my biceup
    Italo disco, cosmic, funk & techno music blog.
  • free music archive
    An interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads.
  • fluxblog
    Since 2002 a music blog based in new york city.
  • gorilla vs bear
    An indie music blog based in Dallas.
  • hearya
    Hearya is an indie music blog that gives indie music enthusiasts a destination to cut through the clutter when discovering new, independent music.
  • icelandic music
    Aselection of interesting stuff by icelandic music.
  • i guess i'm floating
    Free music of the rock'n roll variety.
  • indie music filter
    Atoronto-based indie music blog, filtering the best new music
  • indie rock cafe
    Best indie rock music, hot new songs, popular rock bands, top album releases, free mp3s.
  • inkiostro
    Crazy italian music blog.
  • italian embassy
    A personal view on independent music and culture.
  • knox road
    Amusic blog based out of new york city and washington.
  • largehearted boy blog
    Largehearted boy is a music blog featuring daily free and legal music downloads as well as news from the worlds of music, literature, and pop culture.
  • letters have no arms
    Music blog featuring free music downloads.
  • machtdose
    Power socket discovered, cultivated, archived, and shares highlights of pop culture.
  • mashup town
    Mashup music blog.
  • maps rcdc
    Daily reviews, news, live concerts, video and free mp3.
  • matinée as hell
    A music blog from mexico featuring new emerging artists.
  • metawelle
    Music blog deals with digital arts, culture and network.
  • minnesota publicradio
    Every day deserves a soundtrack
  • motel de moka
    The song makes its imprint in the air, making itself felt, a felt world...
  • mr jog
    Incredibly in love with music.
  • music islands
    Japanese music and mp3s blog.
  • music like dirt
    Just music, good music of any style.
  • music under fire
    A Philadelphia based music blog from two brothers.
  • naive harmonies
    Amusic blog based in Washington dc.
  • newdust
    An indie music blog devoted to sharing new and vintage indie music through album reviews, mp3 streams, and indie mixtapes
  • night drive miami
    "This project was created for a very specific purpose in a very specific time and place. that place is miami, florida."
  • nite version
    Amusic website with clean, minimalistic and simple design.
  • neonized
    Electronic music blogzine from spain.
  • netlabels
    Creative commons music blog: download, share and take care!
  • no genre music
    Amusic blog that focuses on indie music
  • ohmpark
    Awide selection of mixtapes.
  • one track mind
    Discovery made easy, one song at time.
  • passion of the weiss
    Amusic blog based in Los Angeles
  • pitchforkmedia
    Since 2001, Pitchfork's mp3 blog.
  • polaroid
    An Italian music blog.
  • phlow magazine
    Free mp3 music culture magazine
  • pretty much amazing
    Pretty much amazing is a regularly updated music blog that focuses on pop, indie music and culture in the present
  • pitjamajusto
    Pitjamajusto is an Italian netlabel, providing free music in mp3 format under a Creative Commons license. pitjamajusto encourages home recordings and a "do it yourself" approach.
  • prejka
    Collective music blog based in the post industrial town of malmö.
  • pretty goes with pretty
    Scott Tennent's music blog, writer and editor at the los angeles county museum of art.
  • public domain archive
    From Japan a classical music blog.
  • self-titled
    A music magazine that has nothing to do with least not in the traditional sense.
  • slowcoustic
    A blog about the unhurried side of americana/alt-country/folk/indie/down-tempo music.
  • starfrosch
    Focus on something between music, fun and technology, mostly creative commons.
  • said the gramophone
    Adaily sampler of really good songs.
  • stagedive malta
    Amusic blog from malta featuring news from the local scene and music from all around the world.
  • spinner
    Free music downloads, mp3 blog, music videos, interviews, songs and live performances.
  • spinning in air
    Spinning in air is a regularly updated music blog that focuses on world music.
  • stereogum
    Stereogum is the leading online resource for indie and alternative rock music news, reviews, mp3s, and videos.
  • soul sides
    Featuring reviews, mp3s, videos and playlist from the world of soul music.
  • soul motion
    A soul, funk, grooves, disco, african music blog
  • soul safari
    Music treasures from africa
  • take the songs and run
    Nothing you've heard before, but everything you want to hear!
  • the fader
    The definitive voice of emerging music.
  • the music ninja
    Multi-genre music discovery site based out of the deep, dark and melodic shadows of the internet.
  • the needle drop
    Home of the internet's busiest music nerd.
  • the rising storm
    An mp3 blog about fine forgotten albums: lost gems of garage, country rock, psych folk, psychedelic rock, and other overlooked classics.
  • big stereo
    Big stereo is a music blog with an emphasis on hot jamms, indie dance, robot rock and party rap.
  • ubuweb's sound
    Ubuweb's sound section has grown to encompass all types of sound art, historical and contemporary.
  • undomondo
    A music blog from istanbul on everything from experimental electronics to avantgarde jazz.
  • what's the ruckus
    Amusic blog supporting independent and unsigned artists, people who are still pressing CDs in their living rooms.
  • world radio m6
    From radio 6 a blog of world music.
  • vitaminic
    An Italian music blog that focuses on reporting international music news, live show reviews, mp3's, videos, and just about anything else a music fan could want.
  • xlr8r
    Accelerating music and culture.
  • you ain't no picasso
    You ain't no picasso is an mp3 blog founded in 2004.